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My Approach

When it comes to therapy, my approach is simple, I take a client-centered approach to therapy, and I believe that therapy isn't a one size fits all kind of thing. I am not an expert on you, YOU are the expert of yourself, I believe my job is to walk alongside you and help you feel empowered and resilient.  I have done extensive work with clients in crisis situations. I understand that during times of high emotions it is so easy to see all the problems, all the things we wish we could change, and all the negative aspects of that situation. I try to shift the focus from the problems to the solutions. Solution Focused Therapy techniques are perfect for helping people focus on the future, by looking at ways to build upon coping skills you have already done, to look at where you want to be instead of where you've been, and to keep a positive outlook. 

I also believe that we spend a lot of time thinking, constantly thinking, and when it comes to our thoughts, we focus on ourselves in a negative light. We often tell ourselves things that have no evidence to back them up, and sometimes we don't know where to begin to change those thoughts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques help change some of those negative thought patterns and learn how we are using our thoughts to shape the way we feel and the way we behave. 


I also believe that wellness is something that affects our entire body. I am constantly utilizing holistic methods by looking at the body as a whole and finding things that might not be traditional to help. I often utilize things such as gemstones, nature, meditation, and give all my clients resources for things to help them daily such as Mindfulness techniques, body scanning, and grounding methods. 

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